The 30 Big Ideas We Have Learnt To Save & Make more $$


Thrifty RankingDescription$$$ SAVED/MADE
1Using Cash Back Credit Cards For Purchases$220
2Turn Off Landline$300
3Turn Off Cable$660
4Switch Wireless Providers$240
5Stretching Your Gift card%15
6Shopping Smart and Earning Online Shopping Cash Back$600
7Selling stuff you Dont Use ( Amazon/ Craigslist /Ebay/ Varage Sale/ Facebook)$400
8Quickly Paying Car Loans$1000
9Putting Pre-Taxed Dollars in Retirement Savings%33
10Making Youtube Videos$600
11Keeping Your Warranties & Also Using ItVariable Savings
12Keeping Good Health - Eating Organic & Non-GMOVariable Savings
13Investing Your HSA Savings%10
14Investing In Mutual Funds%19
15Get a Zero Dollar Haircut$240
16Find and Swicth Utilities Great Electricity Rates$500
17Eating In, Making Homemade Ice Cream$180
18Customer Service Speak Up & Speak NiceVariable Savings
19CouponingVariable Savings
20Consignment Stuff A Bag SalesVariable Savings
21Cash back on Groceries$60
22Car Pooling$200
23Car Insurance Shopping$150
24Buying Used StuffVariable Savings
25Buying Quality ClothesVariable Savings
26Buying Used Books / Selling Used BooksVariable Savings
27Buying Appareals OnlineVariable Savings
28Buying A Economy CarVariable Savings
29Upcycle - Fixer UpperVariable Savings
30Buying Local Produce - Farmers Market - Buy what you needVariable Savings
A*Bonus* Organize & Monitor Your FinancialsVariable Savings