A Record Launch – 104 satellites from a single ‘Rocket- PSLV-C37’

Pushing the limits has been a solid trait of us human beings. Space Exploration is one area where we continue to achieve greater heights. India is in the forefront of space technology and with its indigenous and home grown techniques … Continued

What is our Flag Culture? The Amazon.com Sellers Blunder

Our Flag Culture: It all started with a seller on Amazon.com, when the vendor put up products for sale on their Canadian website. No, I will not post the picture here as it can be an act of Flag desecration. Or is it … Continued

BCAD Property Taxes, Appraised Value Protest and Formal Hearing Process

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Updated 9/24/2015 DK The main objective of this article is to get you familiar with Brazoria County Appraisal District’s property appraisal, tax assessment and hearing process for ARB. Please subscribe to the blog for updates and new posts. Quick Links: … Continued