Hurricane Harvey – Storm and Emergency Info – Live Feed Souther Trails Pearland TX

Places where you can go (Shelter): Click here List of Schools and Re Open Dates: Click here Hurricane Harvey Status and Updates (Weather) Click here Map of the Flooded Streets: Click here Texas Hurricane Center: Click here Missing people or … Continued

What is our Flag Culture? The Sellers Blunder

Our Flag Culture: It all started with a seller on, when the vendor put up products for sale on their Canadian website. No, I will not post the picture here as it can be an act of Flag desecration. Or is it … Continued

PIO Persons of Indian Origin Application Overview for MINORS.

      Have you ever dealt with Indian Consulate for processing Visa, Passport at any of the foreign offices? If the answer is YES, then you are familiar with the complications and confusion that exists in the procedures for … Continued

Passport Service in Indian Consulates in USA

This is an old post. We are currently updating with new information. Steps to renew your passport at the Indian Embassy in USA Go to and fill the application and print the application. It says online application, but it’s … Continued