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I have big hopes for my family and myself in this so called “land of opportunities” However it is very soon dying out and this is a story of millions of people, especially the ones who went through legal processes to get into the country. Among them are very skilled, talented and humanitarians who may not have been born here but who feel the pain of this country and want to do everything to make it better for every one living in the USA. I think of myself as part of this group.

Entered US with two bags of new clothes, new dreams and fresh hope. Saw a world that looked perfect and ideal. My experience as a student are like those good memories that keeps hopes from dying. Community work, voluntary work and on campus job brought me closer to the people from here and taught a thing or two about my own country and culture.

Joined the work force soon after I had completed another phase in my life by getting my higher education. The journey was surprisingly smooth and I was lucky. Well I knew the secret that working harder can make you luckier. Fall, Spring and Summer came and went, days and nights passed in front of my eyes. It looked like a colorful rainbow, just endless but not for long.

The rainbow soon changed colors and only two colors remain now, black and white papers of immigration. Too much effort has gone into over doing VISA and Immigration processes. It has affected my beautiful mind and minds of my beautiful people in my family. Our aspirations of being an entrepreneur and helping the community has dwindled down.

If this is a land of opportunities and a free country for thinkers, entrepreneurs and alike. Why is it so hard to open up one’s wings and fly. If it makes you richer when you share more knowledge, why does it make one feel discouraged and trapped?

There are only few things in this world that are still free. Right to write, speech and expression. I would like to write just one more word, say one more sentence and express one more thought before it become impossible to do so.

America, the land of opportunities, is plagued by mixed views and biased opinions. Controlled by men and women who has stopped believing in the constitution. This is a trend that will soon consume many others and will deform the meaning of freedom. I came here hoping to see a rainbow but all I can see are dark clouds and heavy rain. Can I hope for a silver lining?

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