Passport Service in Indian Consulates in USA

This is an old post. We are currently updating with new information.

Steps to renew your passport at the Indian Embassy in USA

  1. Go to and fill the application and print the application. It says online application, but it’s just a form that you will enter data to print. The information is not sent to the Indian Embassy.
  2. If you have difficulty with the electronic form for any reason, then print this form and fill it out using a black ink,
    Depending on the service required, your documentation will contain the following required documents plus additional documents (service requested documents for more info)

Required Documents:

1.       Current or Expired Passport, VISA and I-94 – proof that your are from India.

2.       US Drivers License, House or Apartment lease agreement, Bills (Gas, Phone, Electricity)– Proof of residence.

3.       Green card, EAD card, I-20, H1b Approval – Proof of status.

4.       Photographs – have 2 copies, 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm , same as our Indian Passport size photo. Go to Walgreens or any Instant photo place and request them if they can resize it for you. I got it clicked at Walgreens and the lady was very nice, she cropped it accordingly before printing it American Passport Size and then I had to use scissors to cut it to the Indian Passport Size. Remember, you cannot just cut the American Passport Size to make an Indian Size because then your face will be too big in the picture. Get the idea? J

5.       Dollar bills, yes, keep cash at hand. It will cost anywhere between 40 to 100 dollars depending on the service.

You can either pick up your passport or request it to be mailed.

Service specific requirements:

1. Expired passport:

a. Affidavit required if expired for more than 1 year-

* Other consulates will require other documents. The above only pertains to Houston Indian Consulate.

2. Change of address:

a.       Include original evidence of new address from India, such as Tax returns, Electricity bill, Phone bill, Affidavit stating the new address or any certificate from a government or official authorized personnel in India.



8 Responses

  1. Darshan

    Hey Durgesh,

    I want to know how long will it take renew my Passport?


    • durgeshbhat


      The processing time can vary between 15 days to 3-4 weeks depending on your case. You should have got a date from the clerk when you applied, it will be the same date or close to that date.

    • durgeshbhat

      Yes, your original passport will be held with the consulate till they process your replacemnet or new passport etc, Once the processing is complete, you will receive you old passport with new passport.
      Make sure you send it by certified mail, with tracking.

  2. durgeshbhat

    best proof of residennce can be your Drivers Lic. but if you have your bank statements , carry them. Also check on the consulate webpage for what originals to bring.

    • durgeshbhat

      You should be able to use a valid state ID such as DL as your photo ID.

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