Perspective Of Religions – Fictional Story Of Three Tribes

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The tribe leader of the Holy Spirit spoke

Together we can save ourselves says the leader
Fight like it’s the end, victory will be ours together
This is our fight and we are the better

The tribe leader of the Orange Sun spoke

We are here to make a promise together
Win this battle or die for our father
This is our fight and we will win sooner or later

The tribe leader of the Blue Beak spoke

Peace is our prize and that is what matters
Together we will shine along with our brothers
Put an end to evil and celebrate together


For several centuries, the three tribes have been fighting with each other. Every generation sees a new leader and the tribes evolve. They have lived together on the same land and yet they fight for reasons which are new and ever changing. In the morning they breathe off of each other, by the afternoon they start fighting and when the night falls they sleep under the same tree. The reality is they are brothers and sisters and changes and variance in their tribe has given a false sense of difference and made them to be indifferent to each other. From each tribe’s perspective, they are trying to survive because they all believe that their tribe is pure and better.

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