Super Moon of September 27/28

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On Sept 28, a rare total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from most of the regions (North America, South America, Europe, West Asia and parts of Africa).

Here are three amazing facts about the Lunar Eclipse:


  • Lunar Tetrad

    The lunar eclipse of Sept 27/28 will be the fourth and last of the lunar eclipses to occur in this year. The first lunar eclipse occurred on Apr 15 2014, Oct 8 2014, April 4 2015 and the last one will occur on Sep 27/28 2015.
    There will be 8 Lunar Tetrads in 21st Century. The last time this occurred was in 9th Century BC.

    REF : NASA
  • Blood Moon

    The name Blood moon is likely to have come from descriptions in Bible or the reddish color, result of Rayleigh scattering. The correct technical term is Lunar Eclipse.

  • Supermoon

    The correct term for supermoon is Perigee-syzygy,  Origin of the word Perigee comes from Middle French, from New Latin perigeum, from Greek perigeion, from neuter of perigeios near the earth, from peri- + earth. The opposite term is Apogee, which means further from the earth. The supermoon will be 15% larger than the moon which is furthest from the earth during Apogee. The term Syzygy in astronomy, refers to the straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies.

If you are interested in observing the lunar eclipse, check here [] for date and time.

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