Honeywell Gas Valve Replacement

Gas Water Heater Honeywell Gas Valve Introduction to the problem and troubleshooting –

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If your gas heater is under warranty for parts and labor, then it is best to call out the professionals. These resources should make it easy for you to verify the problem and if you feel adventurous and want to do it yourself, then make sure you read all instructions and safety warnings specific to your model of gas heater before proceeding with the replacement or repair. PLEASE BE SAFE.

Gas heater stopped working? Video is below.

Lets troubleshoot:  Watch this video first. For instruction manual for the Honeywell Gas Valve shown in this video, Go to Gas Valve Resources Page. ( Check out the end of this post for instructions to see all the resources (PDFs, User Manuals, Thermocouple Replacement etc).

Introduction & Troubleshooting

If you are ready to replace the Honeywell Gas Valve on your Water Heater, then check out the Part 2 of this video

Valve Assembly Installation Video

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