Battle of Truth

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I do not understand this world
One time it is our mother the second time it is divided
People used to move around like the mighty bird
And now we are held together by the mighty dead

Oh soldiers, I know you were there for your mother
Fighting, killing and dying and hurting one another
Now it is well understood that we are one yet
You fight with all your might For something that was never yours
Closing behind you the unifying doors

Scientists tell, we all fear
Resources are at their end and very mere.
Wake up my brother and sister
It’s not the oil, not the water but the essence of Human Spirit
That is ending; it will end when end is near

The end of a winning battle that went sour
Because a few men and women thought they knew it all
All they knew was to fight with all their might
Show the world their Fathers are right

And those few men and women who fight
For love, compassion and equal right
I feel for you as I am one of you
Who is losing this battle, the battle of truth.

(C) (R) xdbworks 2013

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