Blast from the past – Posts 01 – The Saga called life

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Posted by Durgesh on Sun, Apr 15, 2007, 6:36:00 PM.

Original Post:

Tall buildings, many of them, lined in a lot, looking at them from the airport, standing with 2 big luggage and one cabin luggage and one back pack. The mission was stuffing as much as possible adhering to the weight and space specifications. A lean figure, not touched by the American air and food walks out of the automatic doors that open to the outside of the airport. With the phone number and the name of the foreign friend (FF)from the university who will pick and drop him to the university.
FF: Hello, Hi, my name is Tom, you can call me Tommy,
me: Hello, my name is Durgesh,
FF: Dueh?
me: no its D-u-r-gaeshh.
FF: Oh, Dushesh,
me: Duu-rrr-gaee-shh, I corrected,
FF: Doorgates,
me: ‘YES’, I said finally, giving up.

It was not long ago that I realized there were 26 others who were from the same clan as mine, all F1 Students. Time goes fast. I feel it was yesterday that I moved into my apartment and today suddenly the apartment looks like home. Times have changed, weights have increased, preferences have changed, accent has sunk in and we have all got bored with studies.
Suddenly we are very old. Then we become one among millions who are
graduating, competing against each other for our jobs. Then those
discussions of future. About renting another apartment and staying together. The fact is nobody knows where we are going to land. Same city, or at least same state? What ever, UHCL will be my home, a name that I will always associate with pride. My roommates are not roommates anymore they are my lost brothers whom I have found and will never lose and others who have become best of friends.

The saga continues, will never stop. Every fall, every spring, every summer, this story repeats.

May 11th is the graduation and I wanted to wish every one of you who is graduating this Spring.
Congratulations and all the best for the future!

-Durgesh Bhat Kalya

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