Blast from the past – Posts 02 – Another Day

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Posted by Durgesh on Mon, Apr 17, 2006, 3:09:21 AM.

Another day

Morning came when I got up late
Sitting up and remembering the date
For all I knew I was close
To something wonderful a rose

I scratched my head and dandruff fell
Holy thing “take a bath” it seems to tell
And try the new trouser grey
to neatly dress like beaming ray

Did I hear someone there?
Or was it my ears ring?, well, it’s not fair!
As I was born on this day as they have told
Sad it is that now I have grown old

So here I go into another day
Something special, well I like it that way
As I wish myself getting up
I see the sun warming up

It sure gave a sense of Prize
But I am old now, well then what is the surprise?
Experience it seems comes with age
Then I am happy and this is the end of this page.

Durgesh Bhat Kalya

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