Porting a Vonage number to Google Voice.

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I was tired of paying really high fees for Vonage (cannot believe that I am saying this, especially when they are now trying to prove that they are the cheapest) and decided to cancel service. However I did not wanted to loose my vonage number as it was my first cell number and in the world I live in everybody has this number. Google voice came to the rescue but it was not that easy. For reasons unknown (Google still working out contracts and agreements between communication giants) Vonage is not recognized and supported by Google Voice for porting purposes. So I found out after doing some googling that there is just one method currently.

The picture above should explain everything but for those who like to read. Here you go:

1. Call Vonage, make sure you are not in contract to avoid cancellation fees etc and make note of your Account number and PIN.
2. Go to a ATT store and purchase a Go Phone for 24.99 which includes a SIM card and activation fee. Dont buy any phone! Tell the ATT sales tech regarding your intentions to port the number.
3. He will then ask you for the number you want to port in, account number and any PIN associated with the Vonage Account and you are done!
4. Wait for few days to make sure your Vonage has been cancelled and that the porting is successfully working. Now go to voice.google.com and start the porting process again but this time you will successfully port to Google Voice.

Please note, google voice is not very consistent with recognizing phone number eligibility and I recommend you port to a very popular carrier first ( ATT, VERIZON, SPRINT etc) and then try porting.

Check your port status:

AT&T Port Status Page

SPRINT/NEXTEL Port Status Page

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