Surveillance on a budget – Self monitoring, Recording and Remote viewing of Security Video

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This article should help you get a good idea on the concept and cost of modern day Video Surveillance & Remote Monitoring System and to be able to go forward with more research into this topic or Do It Yourself!  In order to understand … Continued

BCAD Property Taxes, Appraised Value Protest and Formal Hearing Process

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Updated 9/24/2015 DK The main objective of this article is to get you familiar with Brazoria County Appraisal District’s property appraisal, tax assessment and hearing process for ARB. Please subscribe to the blog for updates and new posts. Quick Links: … Continued

PIO Persons of Indian Origin Application Overview for MINORS.

      Have you ever dealt with Indian Consulate for processing Visa, Passport at any of the foreign offices? If the answer is YES, then you are familiar with the complications and confusion that exists in the procedures for … Continued