Review of Bally Total Fitness.

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Hey finally I got out of the contract. How? Find out here

Hello Folks,

Please do not join Bally Total Fitness if you dont think you can be with them for 3 Years. I am suffering sometimes sleep less nights and frustrating phone calls to customer care and sometimes I fight with my wife because I have a bad mood. Thanks to BALLY TOTAL FITNESS.

What Sucks?
Its Cancellation Department.

Because they really do not exist.

Why do I feel this way?
In Nov, 2007, I and my wife ( then my fiancée) joined Bally Total Fitness and after going through the Contract and speaking to the Dude Trainer at the Webster Center, Houston Tx and reconfirming with him that we can break the contract in the condition that,

1. We will be going to India, may be for good or come back after more than 3-4 months, depending upon our Visa. We were then on Student Visa and I was going back in July.

2. If I relocate to an address in which there is NO Bally Total Fitness, then I get to break the contract. Allright.

What actually happens?
The cancellation department tells me ( Snail Mails me) that insufficient information. ( I had sent a one way Ticket to India and my Indian Drivers Licence)

What did I do?
I sent a letter, with everything, they needed,

  • Indian Address Proof,
  • My Graduation Degree,
  • Information about my Flight which I am taking to India for good.

I called Bally Total Fitness, before I boarded the flight to ask ” Is every formality taken care?” Their reply was ” YES, we will process your cancellation”

What did I do?
Kept all my documents, Faxes that I had sent and left for INDIA in the second week of July 2008.

Now what Happened?
I got a Work VISA and my wife and I got back to US again!. but to my dismay, I found BALLY TOTAL FITNESS Reporting bad Credit and then after several calls found out that my Contract was not COMPLETELY canceled.

What a word is that? NOT COMPLETELY Canceled?
Its been over a month and I am still fighting and will continue to. Fraud is intolerable and I know I am not wrong. Then why should I give up.

I believe that I will get justice because my Wife believes in it and most importantly she believes in me and I believe that truth is always difficult to handle but glory will be of him, who speaks the truth.

This is a lesson for us and a warning to everyone before getting into any organization as a member. Please GOOGLE the name of the Organization before joining them, you will find Reviews, complaints etc,

Bally Total Fitness is a Fraud company with non reachable cancellation department and now has filed for bankruptcy and has traumatized me for several months now and keep harassing m by reporting bad credit to my credit bureau.  Why should I be at loss for no mistake of mine.

Here is the website for your verification..


If you feel that I am propagating a wrong information or you want to sue me, then call me on my number ( I know you guys have it) so that ” At least I will be able to get to speak to You and ask for my Money and feel good that at least I was able to speak with someone”


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  1. Ashwini

    Ballys Provide Great Equipments for work out
    however the 3 year contract sucks and there is no way out

    unless you are a total fitness freak i do not suggest you join Ballys

    all the reviews on Ballys on internet about their cancellation policies are true

    once you are locked in for 3 years there is literally no way out except that you are permanenty disabled or moved out of 25 miles radius

    Its a waste of money and can be one of your life’s worst decision ever on signing a contract

    i do not recommend Ballys to anyone

  2. mathew

    same works for any mobile carrier…give a zip code where there is no tower! Yuppie…contract breaks!

  3. darlenehigdon@wildblue.ent

    well if your going to India you should have a GYM there because I’m trying to no avail to get my member ship straighten out since it has been sold to Blass and when trying to talk to someone at Bally’s it goes to India where I cant understand a dam word.

    • xdbworks


      Looks like Blast is no better than Ballys Total Fitness (Found this after I googled them online). I looked for India locations and there are none. So it must be the customer service department that operates from India (Thanks to those wealthy super corporations that take the good jobs from US into other countries to satisfy their American Greed) . Any how, what kind of problems are you facing with your contract? I would encourage to post your comments here so we can get a better Idea and hopefully somebody will reply with a possible resolution.

      Good Luck.

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