Check Your Status of APPLICATION [H1B or OPT]

Its simple

What is it? Approved?

** Coming Soon 1/20/2011 : FAQ’s on OPT Application.

I am collecting all the questions that candidates have asked on this blog in one page for easy reading : OPT FAQ’s.
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Have your application number [Alpha numeric number] ready.

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Finding the Status of Your Case
  2. Case Status Portfolio with Updates via Email

You can add any number of application numbers. For Eg: I have added my H1b Application and the OPT extension application number and configured it to my email.

Good Luck!


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  1. anjan


    I have applied OPT on November 7 th 2008. When I check my application status in the result appeared after entering my case number was strange i.e “Validation Error”. and also I gave a call to the service center then they said they have received the application. at this point I am really scared . For suggestions please mail me at

    • durgeshbhat

      Validation Error can be caused due to many reasons when you are entering your user name and Password. When you called USCIS, did they give you a Status? If you forgot what the status was, call again and ask for Status, Pending, Approved, etc, Validation Error dose not mean anything.

      Good Luck.

  2. rakesh

    hey hi
    i have applied for my opt and feb 1st is the starting date that i mentioned in when applied, my doubt is.. can i check my status of opt online, if so how to do it.
    i will be thankfull if you answer this ASAP

    • durgeshbhat


      I am sorry I am replying so late. Every time you apply something at the USCIS you can check the status using the Receipt number which is available on the Receipt Letter that you receive. This holds good for OPT, Extension, H1 Application , etc..

  3. Suzanne

    Thank you for the link for checking opt status. This is the only way I have been able to access that section of the immigration website I need. Every time I try to do it through the uscis site I end up with a blank page. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. bandana

    my application got rejected and send back due to the missing zip code.I filled it out and send them back. They were still holding again due to the missing street which i had mentioned but I guess they got confused. I post applied on time during may and now its august. Is there any chance that my application will get rejected due to the any time frame and can i reapply again?

  5. durgeshbhat

    Is this for extension? I think you are still good. You should be able to get the approval until unless you get another notice from then requesting more information. It is good to get in touch with a immigration lawyer and discuss your situation and even better if you use the same lawyer for all your future applications.


  6. mijash

    so my case got approved and i never did get the approval notice. i called them and they are asking me to file again with appropriate fees. i argued that why should i pay for something that has already been paid for, so now i am being asked to start the entire filing process and request a waiver for the fee. i am completely frustrated by the situation. its been a month and half since my approval and I just do not know what else to do.

    • durgeshbhat

      First find out the following

      1. What is the reason why the first application did not go through?
      2. Call them again and make sure you get a name and their id of who ever is assiting you on the case.
      3. Check with your bank if the check you sent got cleared or what is the status.

      Once you get all the answers ..prepare an application with the cover letter with reference numbers and copies of your old application. If the check was cleared, print the check image and the receipt from the bank and attach it. Let me know what you find out.

      Do not panic..You should be able to get everything under control.

  7. mijash

    well they said that the card was mailed out to me and believe me i have not yet received it. i have called them several times and the only response i get is to file a request for a replacement card , so its not about why the application did not go through but why should i pay for another card without having received the first one. like you said i have kept all the receipts. they had also sent me a letter months ago stating they had received the payment. i dont kno what else to do. i would like to thank you for your time and if there is something else i could do, please let me know.

    • durgeshbhat

      Ok, here is what you can do if you not already done so.

      Check with the US Post office if they have your mail.
      Check with your university if your international advisor has received the mail.
      Confirm with USCIS, the date of mailing the card. There is a chance that it was lost in the mail. If it did, then its a big problem. The international advisor at my university now makes sure the student write the school address instead of their own and the student has to collect it from the advisor.

      I would really suggest you to go ahead and re-apply, there is nothing one can do. Its the stringent system, and unfortunatly its expensive. But I assure you, in the long run these fees will look very small compared to the fees you will be made to pay later.

      The $300-$400 that they charge is the processing fee, and its the same if its a new application or replacement. That is their policy. So go ahead and do it, it will be all worth in the end. Make sure your mailing address is accurate, if possible find out from university if you can provide your internationa advisors address.

      I wish you good luck.

  8. Van Chen

    Hi, durgeshbhat:
    How are you?
    I have a problem. I mailed my opt extension application on 11/15 and USCIS received it on 11/16. My check is cashed on 11/22, however until now I still don’t get my receipt letter. My regular opt will be end on 01/30/2011. I use company’s address and guess the mail is lost. What should I do?
    And I know that as long as USCIS received my application and application is pending, I still can continue working. If I only have receipt number but don’t have receipt letter, can I still continue working?

    Thanks a lot

    • durgeshbhat


      Thank you, just writing what I am facing or have faced. Glad that its useful.

      Good day

  9. Sheetal Bangalore Srikumar

    I had sent my post OPT application on dec 22nd to texas service center and they received it.I have not received any action of notice.Please let me know how to go about it asap as my opt will be ending soon.

    I had called USCIS customer service on thursday and they told me it’s not yet updated in their system and they could find only my present EAD which expires 29th of this month.They told me it takes 13days minimum on the 1st call counting only the buisness days.Today i called up and they told me to call back on monday as i should be receiving the receipt anytime this week as it is minimum of 30days as my packet reached them on dec22nd.

    So will i have to go back if i don’t get my receipt number?any other solution?

  10. Sam


    I sent my OPT application in first week of Jan with FedEx one day delivery. I got confirmation from FedEx that the package was delivered the next day. Then I got receipt number through e-mail and via text on 12th Jan and letter from USCIS on 15th Jan. Until I received this letter I didn’t check my status online. After reception of letter, I tried to check my status on USCIS site. But it said “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283.” I did call at this number but representative couldn’t help me out and transferred me to higher level and that kept me waiting for hours and could not get hold of any of higher level authority.
    Please help with this situation. I have no idea what’s going on with my application. Do I need to submit another one? How can I find status of my application?

  11. durgeshbhat


    Please check the following:

    1. The receipt number that you are using is correct, should be a SRC1234567890 ( SRC following by 10 digits)
    2. Print the email you received from USCIS regarding your case and keep it handy. Are there any other reference numbers and what does the email say?

    You mention that you have received only email and text. Have you received the official letter form USCIS acknowledging the receipt of your application? This letter usually has the correct application number.
    My doubt is the you are entering a different reference number.
    Let me know what you find out.

    • Sam


      Thanks for replying. I did receive a letter acknowledging the receipt of my application. And it has the same receipt number printed on it as the one I received through email.

      Is there any way to contact these people directly. Any direct no?
      Not the National Customer Service Center no. Because customer service center ppl couldn’t help me with that. Please reply.

  12. kiran

    hi..i applied for my opt and they send a conformation letter saying that they received it on 19 nov but when i checked my status today (28th jan) it is still saying that it is in intial review when can i expect my opt..

    • durgeshbhat

      90 Days processing time puts your application results anywhere in the month of Jan and Feb.

      Good Luck.

  13. sadiq

    I got a letter from USCIS that they received the appplication for my opt extension on Dec6th. But the status is still under review. My current opt expired on feb4th, So am waiting for the new 17 months OPT. None of my frds who graduated with me and applied for OPT extension with me had received their OPT cads yet.

    Last year some of my seniours got their opt card within no time. So, do u have any idea why USCIS is taking such long time this year ? Also do you have idea that exactly when i can expect my OPT

    • durgeshbhat

      90 Days processing time puts your application results anywhere in the month of Feb and Mar.

      Good Luck.

    • durgeshbhat

      I will need more information about what you are trying to find out about OPT. If you need the requirements search online or visit the USCIS website. If you are a student the best place is to go to the university. If you are trying to get just a general answer, I am sorry , you have reached the wrong number. This is no place to get answers and stick it in your web blog. 🙁


  14. bhavana


    I applied for my OPT extension more than 30 days ago and I have been waiting to get my receipt. My friend and I applied together on the same day and he already got his receipt. When I called USCIS, they could not find my application, but my bank has a transaction that shows my cheque clearly being charged by USCIS. They tried retrieving info using my first 12 month OPT details and were able to find the first 12 month’s receipt, but nothing about the new application filed. I just have exactly 1 month for my OPT to expire and the USCIS people are not helping much. How can they charge and say they could not find my application? Please advise on the next steps!

    Thanks for your help.

  15. RG

    My status has said “Initial Review” for over 2 months now. How much longer should I expect the wait to be?

    • durgeshbhat

      General rule of thumb is 90 days but if you need it expedited then you can call them ( I believe the number is 1-800-375-5283). I would wait for another 10-15 days and then call and try and expedite.


  16. Bhavana

    bhavana :
    Thanks a lot, I will take action ASAP.

    Within a week of reapplying for my OPT extension, after giving up waiting for my old application, I received a Notice of Action directly that they would need my transcripts. Now, I have two receipt numbers, one for my old application and one for my new application.

    Kindly advise on the following:

    (i) Should I cancel my new application since my old application is already advanced in process?

    (ii) Am I eligible to be employed or can I continue working with my present employer if I received my receipt while I am waiting for the application to be processed?

    Appreciate your help!


    • durgeshbhat

      This is good news Bhavana, I suggest you keep the old application active and wait till the process is completed with the second application. If they (USCIS) initiate a cancellation of the first then only follow up. This is just to avoid any confusion and prevent from any mistakes that will lead to cancellation of your second application.

      Are you employed now? If yes, then you have 60 days grace period for extension application. Once the application is received by USCIS and a notice of action has been sent. It will take anywhere between 30-90 days for a decision during which you can definitely continue working at the current employer.Keep your current employer notified about your progress.

      If you plan to switch employer, I am not sure how it is going to be possible as you will not be able to provide EAD eligibility as your current EAD would have expired or is going to expire. However, if you new employer is willing to accept your Notice of action as a document for employment eligibility then there is a chance.

  17. Rakhi

    I applied for OPT but in last semester for one of my course i got ‘F’. Does it will have any impact in getting my OPT Card.

  18. durgeshbhat


    Quick Answer:
    You will have to repeat the class while you are on your OPT, and only work PART-time while
    completing the class. You will need to contact an advisor, because your I-20 will be extended.

    This question a good question to ask your international advisor. However, OPT can be utilized in two ways, PRE completion -OPT and POST completion -OPT. The pre-opt is when you are taking classes, you will be able to work part time and post-opt is when you have completed your course work. Now that you have to repeat a course, that means you will need to work part time and this will be pre-opt. Ask you advisor if you need to apply additional paper work for changing this to Pre completion -OPT.

    Hope that helps and best wishes for your remaining course work.


  19. Arvind

    Hi, I had attended a couple of other institutions here before getting in the institution from which I graduated. I have lost the I-20s of those two previous institutions.

    How important are these I-20s of these other institutions? Will my application be considered without these old I-20s?



    • durgeshbhat


      You will need to provide more information about what you are trying to do next. Your current I20 is the one that is really important in most (all) cases. Again, I am not sure if you are changing status or applying to another university. Read more about I20 here [ ]
      If the document is not valid (Expired) and you have lost it, then it is of no use to you anyways.

      • Arvind

        To give you a better picture, here are some more details.

        I got my undergraduate degree from Institution A.

        Then I started my master’s degree in Institution B, but did not finish it there.

        I transferred to Institution C from which I got my master’s degree last month.

        Now I am planning to apply for post-completion OPT this month (I am still within the 60 day grace period), but the application process says that I have to provide photocopies of ALL OLD I-20s.

        But I have lost the photocopies of the I-20s from Institutions A and B (several years have passed since I attended either of those two institutions — see explanation above).

        So what will I do with the application? Will the missing I-20s derail the application process?

        • durgeshbhat

          Ok. I am new to the post graduate application process, however you can obtain letters from the previous university regarding the studies you completed. Transcripts are mostly what they will use for verification. So I think it should really not affect your application if you provide proper documents in support of your past academics.

          You may want to ask the same question to the advisor for post graduate Admissions regarding these lost I20s, they may say ‘it’s okay’ or they may tell you to provide some kind of letter from previous university.

          Hope this helps, Best of luck.

  20. vikram

    I applied for OPT on 04/11/2011 , they (USCIS) asked for additional documents(request for evidence[RFE]) on 12/12/2011 like( transcripts,fee receipts,syllabus,students id, etc) by giving 3 months of time.

    i replied them on 12/01/2012 through usps, my tracking no says my package reached them on 14/01/2012. but still my status shows the same as when i received RFE.
    i am little worried about whether my reached them or not ,otherwise do i need to send again,
    but my OPT start date is from 15/02/2012. some of my friends who received RFE replied on same day their status changed to RFE REVIEW

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